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Boreas Leadership Training Offered Over UMD’s Spring Break

The Boreas Leadership Program is a great opportunity for graduate and professional students to access leadership development training and network building. The program is run through the Institute on the Environment and is offered at no cost.

We will be offering two different leadership workshops for faculty and graduate/professional students on the Duluth campus on March 5 and 6 over spring break.

Systems Thinking & Tools
8 a.m.-12 p.m. on Monday, March 5

The complexity of the social, biological and physical worlds often defies human intuition. Few people are prepared to work through the complexity within a discipline, much less through problems that transcend disciplines.

Systems thinking is a set of approaches and modeling tools used to describe and simulate the interactions among components of complex systems. With these tools, systems thinking provides insights into the functioning of systems and solutions to today’s difficult problems. This one-day workshop introduces the vocabulary and skills needed to think about, unravel and build models of real-world problems.

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Designing a Meaningful Career
9 a.m.-12 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6
We invest much of our time, talents and passion into our work. And, many of us are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in this area of our lives. This workshop will help you work out what you want, and develop a plan for how to get it so that you can have the kinds of impact that originally led you to pursuing an advanced degree in the first place.

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Director of Graduate & Faculty Leadership Programs


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