Climate, Conflict and Displacement

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An African farmer takes care of his livestock

The impacts of climate change on physical health have been well documented. Less clearly understood are the ways in which communities support cultural, physical and psychosocial health in the face of climate-related displacement. Yet this type of support will be critical to manage and strengthen communities in the face of the destabilizing effects of climate change and, ultimately, to minimize conflict among communities in the decades to come. With this is mind, the project is 1) conducting a focused study to better understand the impacts on human well-being of climate variability and of conflict and displacement due to climate change; and 2) building multidisciplinary and multisectoral partnerships to develop a program that can improve the health and resilience of climate-displaced communities.

Project Leads

  • Cheryl Robertson, School of Nursing
  • Paul M. Porter College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Innocent B. Rwego, School of Public Health
  • Fred Rose, Institute on the Environment