Global environmental challenges can’t be solved in isolation. The complexity and magnitude of the issues facing the world requires the attention of diverse partners working and communicating across disciplines, sectors and continents to capitalize on synergies and envision and carry out transformative solutions.

Engagement is at the core of nearly all of IonE’s activities and a cornerstone of many of the Institute’s programs. Furthermore, IonE supports a number of publications reaching a global audience including Ensia magazine, Environment Reports, EarthStat and more.

Ensia Magazine

Ensia is an independent magazine sharing untold stories about emerging environmental challenges and solutions based on the best available science and knowledge. Cutting across disciplines, ideologies, sectors and continents, Ensia connects people who can change the world with ideas, information and inspiration they can use to shape a more sustainable planet.

Environment Reports: Food Matters

Environment Reports are multimedia primers on the challenges we see — and the changes we need — as we strive to sculpt a sustainable food future. Created by scientists, writers and designers, the reports help change-makers understand emerging problems and identify solutions.


EarthStat develops and shares data sets researchers and policy makers can use to work toward the goal of feeding a growing global population while reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment.


IonE’s YouTube page features a range of videos, including an IonE overview and a series of “Big Question” short animated videos addressing topics such as food security, natural capital and sustainable plastics.