Maroon + Gold = Green

You could feel the energy in the air during the University of Minnesota’s Welcome Week as some 2,200 first-year students descended on the Sustainability Fair at the Institute on the Environment in St. Paul.

By 10 a.m., more than 500 visitors had already signed an energy pledge committing themselves to a short list of actions to reduce their use of nonrenewable fuels.

Innovative Engineers, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, and other student organizations recruited new members.

Some visitors found campus landmarks on a big floor map of the Mississippi River.

Others watched a demonstration of the impact of dams on water flow, learned how to give a bike a ride on a bus, or played sustainability-inspired (and inspiring) games for prizes.

Safe to say the event achieved its aim: to familiarize U of M students with the great green things going on around campus every day, and with the opportunities they have to join in making the University of Minnesota one of the most sustainable universities in the nation.

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