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A national wave of campus greening

Earlier this month, the National Wildlife Federation released its new guide, The Campus Wild: How College and University Green Landscapes Provide Havens for Wildlife and “Lands-On” Experiences for Students. The big title is fitting for a guide filled with a big vision. The guide highlights the important role that colleges and universities are playing in the safekeeping of wildlife and habitats in and around campus-owned areas.

Thinking of the University of Minnesota’s place in the topic, there’s a lot to be proud of. In fact, the community garden on the Crookston campus appears as the cover of the National Wildlife Federation’s guide! As for the Twin Cities campus, the West Bank Community Garden comes to mind. Founded in early 2015, the garden supports community members with tomatoes kale, and beautiful perennials native to the area. The space, dotted with pollinator beds, was approved as a Living Laboratory through the Sustainability Committee at the University of Minnesota. The Living Laboratories around campus are a reflection of the U’s goal to integrate the campus grounds as a resource for teaching, researching, and outreach. The West Bank Community Garden is the most recent addition to the University’s 11 Living Laboratories.

While we can all take pride in the great work being done to make a greener campus with initiatives like the Living Laboratories, there can always be a better U. Check out the guide for great examples of campus greening from 85 institutions across the country. What do you want to see on your campus?

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