What is Knowledge Initiatives?

Field and Crop Irrigation System

About IonE’s Knowledge Initiatives Group:

IonE research focuses on multidisciplinary, team-based science approaches to developing novel insights to advance equitable sustainability challenges. We conduct our research in partnership with government, international organizations and NGOs, business, and community stakeholders to accelerate the use of science in decision making and bring about impact. 

We focus on filling knowledge gaps by building fundamental understanding of societal challenges and providing actionable forecasts, scenario analyses, and risk assessments needed to uncover trade-offs between competing priorities for decision-making under uncertainty.

IonE’s Granting Programs

IonE’s granting strategy is designed to drive progress on sustainability challenges – especially in areas where solutions either have been slow to develop or have been prevented. These research funds support interdisciplinary teams conducting community-engaged scholarship that contributes knowledge to support societal impact.

IonE has 3 granting programs: 1) IonE Impact Goal Grants, 2) IonE Mini Grants, and 3) IonE Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice focused grants.

Knowledge Topics:


You can view our IonE Knowledge Initiatives Researchers at IonE’s staff page.

You can learn more about our shared work with the Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, also housed at IonE, on their website.