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Nathaniel (he/him) is a Research Scientist in Economics and Sustainability working at the intersection of input-output economics, industrial ecology, and sustainable finance. He specializes in the creation and application of economic and supply network models to assess the sustainability of alternative technical, policy, and investment decisions. Nathaniel’s recent work includes estimating environmental footprints within multi-scale agricultural supply networks, exploring the sustainability of circular economic systems, and improving sustainable finance methods for measuring impact reduction opportunities. He engages with a variety of different partners and stakeholders throughout the research process to ensure usable and impactful research outcomes, including global non-profits, companies, industry groups, and civil society.

Nathaniel holds a Ph.D. in Ecological Economics and an M.S. in Ecological Economics, Values and Policy from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Before joining the Institute on the Environment, he worked at the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at the University of California, Davis and the Department of Bioproducts and Bioengineering here at the University of Minnesota. In his free time, Nathaniel enjoys all activities that involve experiencing nature, especially when on an adventure with his family and friends.