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Mary’s first coaching gig was in high school, when she was asked to tutor other kids. Those who know Mary today will be surprised to learn that she was painfully shy back then, and preferred her wallflower status. But tutoring taught her she had a knack for explaining things and helping others do their best. Even as a waitress in college, the restaurants she worked for asked her to train new employees. So her training career was apparently inevitable.

Mary’s first job out of college was on a TV news assignment desk, where she saw a communications gap between the people who cover the news and the people who want their news covered. Most everyone had good stories to tell – they were just incapable of telling them in a way any normal person would care about. Once Mary arrived in corporate America, she saw the same problem – good messages getting lost in a lot of muck.

After a career in TV news, public affairs and public relations, Mary struck out on her own in 2003. She has been listening to clients rehearse their speeches and presentations ever since: Keynotes, investor meetings, introductions, emcee scripts, quarterly earnings calls, product launches, strategy updates, motivational talks, acceptance speeches; you name it, Mary’s heard it. Mary’s clients are in finance, agriculture, food, healthcare, insurance and fashion. Clients started asking her to take the microphone and do the talking, launching her speaking-about-speaking career.