Knowledge Initiatives

About IonE’s Knowledge Initiatives Group:

IonE research focuses on multidisciplinary, team-based science approaches to developing novel insights to advance equitable sustainability challenges. We conduct our research in partnership with government, international organizations and NGOs, business, and community stakeholders to accelerate the use of science in decision making and bring about impact. 

We focus on filling knowledge gaps by building fundamental understanding of societal challenges and providing actionable forecasts, scenario analyses, and risk assessments needed to uncover trade-offs between competing priorities for decision-making under uncertainty.

KI Research Focus/Topics:

Agro-Food Systems

Data analysis and modeling of the environmental and social impacts of our agricultural and food systems.

Energy Transitions

Socio-political-technical solution that advances a just and equitable energy transition to support carbon neutral or carbon negative pathways

Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Understanding socio-environmental climate change impacts and inclusive engagement to assess and support implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions 

Responsible Consumption, Production, and Investments

Develop research and tools to improve the sustainability of production, consumption and investment systems while working with practitioners to incorporate sustainability into their decision making.

Sustainable, Thriving Communities

Community engagement and data products that support community decision-making. 

You can view our IonE Knowledge Initiatives Researchers at  IonE’s staff page.

Are you interested in becoming an IonE Researcher or Postdoctoral Scholar?

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What is the IonE Postdoctoral Fellowship program?

The goal of the IonE Postdoctoral Fellowship is to accelerate the transition to this future by supporting breakthrough research across disciplines, developing the next generation of global leaders, and building transformative partnerships across the state, region and globe.  IonE Postdoctoral Fellows are interdisciplinary, community-engaged scholars who thrive both as team leaders and collaborators. The Fellows are visionary leaders who conduct solutions-oriented research to support equitable and just sustainability transition decisions.  The Fellows define success by the impact they have in the world.  Is this you? If so, find out more here.