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SUST 3480 | Leading the Renewables Revolution: Germany


Please see this page for current course information: www.germanyrenewablesrev-mn.org


Head to the country that invented the vision of cities and regions powered 100% by renewable energy and wants to create a more sustainable future. Meet with the leaders of that effort and become part of a big movement! Enroll in this special study abroad course.

SUST 3480 “Leading the Renewables Revolution: Germany”

Germany’s growing renewable energy system emerged through collaboration across political, business and nonprofit sectors and in dialogue with science. Meet leaders from Germany and Minnesota who are involved in solving the social, technical, and political challenges of transforming industrial economies. In this study abroad course, you will have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the political, social and technological drivers behind renewable energy development. Visit Munster, Dusseldorf and Saerback, award-winning cities that excel in advancing renewable energy storage, combined heat and power, solar and wind power, and the electrification of transportation.

What:        Team-taught study abroad course to Germany
When:       Jan. 3-15, 2017
Who:         Undergrads at UMTC, UMM, UMD, UMC, and UMR from any discipline.

If you are interested in sustainability or renewable energy or the connection between technology and culture, you are a great fit. Should be of great use to majors and minors in Sustainable Systems Management, Environmental Policy, Science and Management (ESPM), Applied Economics, and Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, Geography, Journalism, German, English, Political Science, and other social sciences.

CREDITS:     2 credits

  • Sabine Engel, PhD, Institute on the Environment
  • Beth Mercer-Taylor, JD, sustainability education coordinator at the University of Minnesota
  • Shane Stennes, director of sustainability for the University of Minnesota.


Expectations for the course are: Strong interest in renewable energy transition, willingness to prepare before the trip, ability to travel with a group, walk up to several miles a day, capacity for active participation during the trip and engagement in Minnesota’s energy transition efforts upon return.


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