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Seeing the wide range of nations and different colors of people here at COP26 has been inspiring. Stepping into the land of the colonizers and coming representing a state where the majority is white, it feels good to be surrounded by people of color, indigenous people and many others speaking numerous languages working hard to be a part of the solution. Even though the majority of these communities of color are not the ones who created the horrifying situation we are in now, they are here to be a part of the resolution.


Indigenous peoples from Brazil and the Amazon, speaking Spanish and wearing their colors and headdresses feels as if I’ve been transported back in time to the meetings where native communities were invited in folly and insincerely.  But today, these people are coming back to fight for their history their land and all of our futures. My forefathers were from the jungles of Mexico where Aztecs and Mayans roamed and ruled. While many indigenous communities still remain, mine have long been “disappeared”  – but I still stand strong in their memory and power. We are ONE people and we must listen to our Mother Earth and find a way to move forward in harmony and control, effectively finding our voice to rise up against the authoritative minority that won’t let so many of us have a seat at the table of politics. We will create our own table and build it upon the ruins of the disbelievers – hopefully in time for all of our posterity.


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