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By Holly Lahd

On Tuesday, November 27th NiSE and founding partner Stratford Companies hosted the first “Procurement in a Pint” mixer for area procurement and sustainability practitioners. We toured Fulton Brewery’s Minneapolis Brewery and Tap Room, learning how Fulton started from garage homebrew to opening Minneapolis’s first Brewery tap room serving thousands of Minnesota Twins fans and craft beer fans across the metro area.

As any good brewer knows the quality of beer depends on what you put into it. Product design and corporate sustainability programs are the same. Optimizing supply chains and procurement systems reduces waste, costs, and processing time, creating more efficient companies. But where to start?

NiSE’s Sustainable Procurement Initiative works to answer this question. We distill complicated sector and product life cycle assessment information to identify the top 3-5 hotspots and improvements companies can make in product sourcing, design, and distribution to improve sustainability performance. The initiative recently completed a project with the Sustainability Consortium’s Food, Beverage, and Agriculture Sector Working Group that connects life cycle hotspots and improvement opportunities for select food products via life cycle modeling.  We’re now refining the model to expand to products that are under development (biojet fuels) so that the findings can be incorporated in the design of these products supply chains.

We hope to raise a pint in celebration of more sustainable procurement successes in 2013!

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society Press

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